Bar Offering A 40 Inch Pizza Eating Challenge

Bigger is always better, right? Especially when it comes to food. However, I think the people itching to do this particular challenge have bitten off way more than they can chew. 


Credit: Carters Arms
Credit: Carters Arms

A pub in Manchester, England is now challenging customers to eat a 40-inch Margherita pizza within a set time limit. The Carters Arms tucked away deep in Wilmslow is playing host to this near-to-impossible challenge. 

Here are the rules: Two people have thirty minutes to devour a 40-inch wood-fired pizza with their choice of two toppings. Most people opt for the classic cheese and tomato combo, in the hopes that it’ll be easier to complete the daunting task.

So, for sixty-five dollars, you can take on a beastly version of the world’s favorite fast food item. And if you win, you get your money back and a nice ol’ pat on the back. You’ll also be featured on the pub’s coveted “Wall of Fame”, so it’s well worth a try.

Credit: Carters Arms

One challenger, who tried and failed, told JOE this about his attempt: It is a brutal challenge. After 15 minutes into it I was fuller than I’ve ever been!”

He even mentioned that this task was more difficult than completing the City to Summit 20 hour endurance event in Scotland! But in true Man vs Food style, he and his friend gave it their best shot. And despite failing, the pizza was good enough to satisfy their appetite, so they weren’t too downhearted. But featuring on the “Wall of Fame” would have been a slightly better feeling…

Credit: Carters Arms

If you’re not brave enough to step up to the giant plate, then you could always just buy the pizza but it’ll cost you just over eighty-six dollars. It might be a good shout if you’re having a massive pizza party. However, if you’re just planning on having a nice night in with a takeaway, just opt for a smaller size.

If pizza isn’t your thing, then don’t worry. How do you feel about eating a lamb’s bodyweight in meat? Devon, England is home to Cattlemans Steakhouse, where, for 240 dollars, you can embark on a steak-eating challenge that is bound to put you off meat forever. Only the brave could ever take on such a daunting task.

Credit: Carters Arms

I think I’ll just stick to normal portions of food, thank you very much.

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