An Inmate Would ‘Rather Starve’ Than Eat His ‘Worse Than Dog Food’ Prison Grub

A category C prison inmate has shared photos of the meals he gets served, describing them ‘worse than dog food’ and that he’d ‘rather starve’ than eat them.

HMP Risley in Warrington inmate shared the images of the usual meals meals served in an effort to raise awareness of the poor quality of food prisoners are being provided.

From baked beans on pasta with chicken burgers; fish, chips and gravy; and dumpling looking things smothered in gravy, with a side of chips..I’d be complaining too.

Some people have been saying:

“I’ve had school meals that don’t look dissimilar to this.”

“I’m sure they’d go down well on Rate My Plate, too.”

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice, where the photos were forwarded said:

“All prisoners are offered fruit and vegetables as part of three healthy meals a day, which meet nutritional guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health.”

They also said that prisoners should not have the means to take such photos, as mobile phones are not allowed, adding:

“We are investigating these pictures and any prisoner found using a mobile can face extra time behind bars.”

An inspection of HMP Risley in 2016 stated, via MailOnline:

“There was a reasonable choice of meals and the food we sampled was good.”

“Lunch and dinner were selected from a four-week rolling menu with a reasonable variety of healthy options, including portions of fruit and vegetables every day.”

“The quality of food that we sampled was reasonable but, in our survey, only a quarter of respondents said that the food was good.”

It’s also been reported that food in prisons was so bad it was causing prisoners to become violent.

Inmates were reportedly returning to their cells to eat their food because of staffing shortages or ‘an absence of dining facilities in communal areas’.

Some inmates would then ‘sit on their toilet as a seat to eat’, which is ‘degrading and totally unhygenic’, according to the report.

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