A Vegan Chicken Burger Is Being Launched At KFC!

KFC have finally given Vegans what they really want! A chicken burger vegan style is now available and vegans all around are very very happy about it.

Called the ‘Imposter’ Burger, the sandwich been created with plant-based business Quorn, so it means vegans can have a taste of the special KFC recipe.

Apparently the burger will cost $3.79 (£2.99) on its own.

KFC executive Victoria Robertson, the Chief Vegetable Enthusiast at KFC UK & Ireland stated:

“Vegans have been cruelly denied the incredible taste of KFC up to now, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect The Imposter – a vegan burger that the Colonel would be proud of.”

Quorn’s Head of Global Foodservice & QSR, Tony Davison, revealed:

“A vegan KFC? We couldn’t believe it either. But we’ve done it – working with KFC we’ve created a bespoke Quorn fillet that does the Colonel’s recipe justice. We have no doubt that KFC fans are going to love the modern take on a finger lickin’ favourite.”

Director of Vegan Corporate Projects at PETA, Dawn Carr said that the campaign group have been “…so excited to hear about this and play a part in KFC’s journey to reaching this game-changing new vegan range. We’re confident it will be a huge hit with the skyrocketing numbers of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians around the UK.”

We are very glad to hear Vegans are getting more choices everyday!

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