9-Year-Old Girl Fills Empty Lip Balm Tube With Cheese To Eat In Class And It’s Genius

It’s always something we dream of in class.. having a nice snack to have whilst we wait eagerly til lunch time. That long wait can make our belly’s rumble and it seems to draaaaag.

This 9-year-old girl from Missouri may have just come up with a genius hack that involves filling an empty lip balm tube with slices of sharp cheddar cheese. You know, to get your cheddar fix on the go.

The girls mother, Valerie Schremp Hahn, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, posted a photo of her daughter’s amazing idea on Twitter, and people couldn’t stop praising the clever thinking 9 year old.

The girl, said:

“I was just looking on YouTube because I was bored and I found this video and I decided to do it”

“I just took some of my dad’s cheese, sliced it up, and put it in the chapstick container.”

Apparently the idea was part of a compilation of back-to-school pranks where you would sneak food into class.

The video she had watched showed an empty glue stick container but the Schremp Hahn household didn’t have any of those on hand so she opted for the next best thing.

She explained:

“I just found that, cleaned it out with some soap, and started filling it with cheese”

She then went onto bringing two “cheese stick chapsticks” to school and took a few licks and bites during breaks.

She added:

“You can lick it and no one will know”

Apparently her friends loved it, she added:

“At first I didn’t tell them and I was like licking the, quote, ‘cheese,’ and then I told them it was cheese and they just started laughing so hard”

People of twitter have branded the 9 year old a ‘genius’.

She continued:

“I’m just impressed that anybody would, like, like this out of all things”

She went on to confirm what we all believe…

“Cheese is amazing”

The girls mother added:

“I was kind of surprised it took off, but people like cheese so, you know, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised”

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