YouTuber Films ‘Ghost’ Opening Door After Being Attacked By ‘Mystery Force’

A YouTuber had the fright of her life after she had a brush with the paranormal world… And it was all caught on camera.

Okay, it’s happened to the best of us. We’ve home alone, minding our own business when… Bang! There’s a noise from upstairs, the creek of a floorboard, or something falling from a shelf. Most of the time there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, but there’s always the chance it could be something a little spookier…


Daisy Marquez, a beauty influencer with more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, experienced just this. The vlogger was just beginning a sponsored review video when something seriously spooky happened…

Silently and eerily, the door behind her slowly creaked open, completely unprovoked. Daisy freezes in shock when she realizes and sits motionless as the door gradually trickles open.


The influencer then slowly turns around to look behind her but, instead of seeing a mischevious prankster, only sees the empty corridor. The door had opened by itself, and no one can explain why.

Daisy uploaded the video to her Twitter account, where she also admitted that something weird had happened to her earlier that very day.

“I fell down the stairs earlier today…I didn’t trip, I wasn’t on my phone I legit just fell down the stairs as if something pushed me…”

Daisy, I think it’s time for you to move house. Or burn it down with fire. Either will be fine.

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