You Can Now Keep Warm With Penis-Shaped Hot Water Bottle

Penis shaped hot water bottle’s, you say?

Now obviously this isn’t a stocking-filler for your kid but it certainly could be a fun secret Santa gift for a colleague?

Credit: Firefox

Besides the obvious gag of this hot water bottle shape, it is actually a really decent present to help someone keep warm on these nippy December nights.

Described on their website as the “naughtiest way to keep warm.”

Credit: Firebox

In a helpful tip, Firebox reminds you to make sure you fill it up. In the hilarious description, they write, “He’s no use when he’s all floppy, so fill him up with hot water before getting tucked up.”

Good to know!

Now if you think you would like to purchase “the meat that heats,” make sure to check out the reviews first…

Credit: Firebox

I think it’s safe to say that most of the people that bought this product were happy with the results… More than happy I’d say!

One problem I do have with this product though is the face.

Credit: Firebox

I mean, what’s that about right? Is it a penis-shaped hot water bottle or is it a penis-shaped hot water bottle man?

Firebox has addressed the ominous bottle face in the product description. Acknowledging the bizarre face design, they say: “Just try to ignore his weird little face and be thankful that real penises don’t have them.”

I mean, I guess that the face isn’t that bad…

If you do want to treat yo self or someone else to one of these bad boys they retail at £13.99 ($18.)

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