TV Anchor’s Home Broadcast Interrupted By Naked Woman – Not His Girlfriend

You would think, if you were a TV anchor, that broadcasting from home would be a situation in which you would do your best to ensure no interruptions could take place. Especially when those interruptions involve naked people. And especially when those naked people are not your current partner.

Yet Spanish news reporter Alfonso Merlos saw his recent Youtube broadcast accidentally hijacked by a woman who had apparently forgot how to get dressed and who certainly didn’t realise she was live on air.

Merlos was hosting the Estado de Alarma channel when his fellow journalist, Alexia Rivas popped up, sans clothing, leaving viewers wondering why she was there and not Merlos’ girlfriend, Big Brother contestant Marta Lopez.

The 41-year-old anchor explained that, at the time of the incident, he and Lopez were in fact on a break. How very Ross Geller of him.

However, Lopez has claimed the pair were just spending a few days apart after quarantining together and getting into a fight, according to Lecturas.

“I had been mad at Alfonso for four days. He didn’t want me to do something that affected my family. I did it, and he got mad. We argue,” Lopez said in an interview with the media outlet.

Rivas, though, has since admitted that she and Merlos have been seeing each other for three weeks.

“I didn’t get into a relationship, he told me he was single. We have been [seeing each other] three weeks,” she told Socialité.

Talk about scandal on top of scandal. Stepping out on your girlfriend AND breaking strict Coronavirus lockdown laws. Merlos does not give a single, solitary f**k.

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