There’s A Donald Trump Toilet Brush To Make Your Toilet Great Again

We’re now deep into fall and with Christmas quickly approaching, it is time to think about the presents we want to shower our loved ones with. This year, I’d like to see fewer bath salts, fewer pajama sets and more novelty gifts that are bound to make you giggle on Christmas morning. There’s nothing better than opening a gift expecting fluffy socks and instead, receiving a good ol’ game of “Pie Face”. Thanks for that one, grandma!

If you’re a little stuck on ideas this year, then don’t worry about it. Hilarious gift seller Novelty Christmas has got your back with their latest invention. 

Credit: Novelty

Say hello to the all-new Donald Trump toilet brush. Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like political-themed cleaning supplies! 

Credit: noveltychristmas.com

The jokes are never-ending with this one. Make your toilet smell “great again” with this product. These hand-crafted novelty gifts perfectly resemble the 45th President of the United States. Dressed in a suit, with animated, yellow hair and a red tie, to mimic his classic attire. The best part of it is that his skin blends in with the orange bristles on the tip of the brush. It’s the details that really make this one a winner

Credit: noveltychristmas.com

After the world was introduced to Donald Trump toilet paper last year, we were glad to know that someone decided to expand on the loo supplies. You’re really doing the world a service. Well, better service than the US president, anyway.

Despite the controversy surrounding the product from butt-hurt Trump lovers, (I told you the jokes never end), they have proved to be a hit amongst those of us who haven’t lost our minds. If you just can’t wait to get one, then I’d head over to the website now to place an order. Each brush costs twelve dollars with free shipping.

Hurry, because they’re selling like hot cakes! 

Make someone’s Christmas oh-so-jolly with the Donald Trump “Make Your Toilet Great Again” toilet brush.

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