Seth Rogen Expertly Shuts Down Racist Insta Trolls

Never, ever change, Seth Rogen.

The stoner film extraordinaire has been firmly putting racist ‘All Lives Matter’ trolls in their place on instagram, after being met with a barrage of braindead comments on a ‘Black Lives Matter’ post.

Rogen shared the post with his eight million followers, alongside the caption “If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.”

The post resulted in several commenters lambasting Rogen for not sharing the message of ‘All Lives Matter’.

Naturally, Rogen didn’t take this feedback lying down and promptly tore into many of those who were outraged by his anti-racism post.

Responses included, “f**k off”, “shut the f**k up”, “get f**ked” and, a personal favourite, “you don’t deserve my movies any more. Stop watching my s**t.”

Well played, sir.

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