People Violating Quarantine In Indonesia Could Be Forced Into Haunted Houses

I’m sure many of us have conjured up innumerable punishments we’d like to see meted out to those people who feel as though current quarantine enforced social distancing measures don’t apply to them. However, I’m not sure that any of us would have suggested ‘force offenders to live in haunted houses’.

Yet that is exactly what one politician in Indonesia is doing with anyone caught violating the 14-day self quarantining policies that have recently been put into place in Sragen Regency in Central Java.

The Jakarta Post is reporting that Regency head Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati has had enough of citizens returning to their villages from larger cities and not adhering to the new laws and has opted for a spooky approach in deterring their lax attitudes towards health and safety.

With the region having no official quarantine facilities, Sukowati’s Scooby Do policy will utilise abandoned houses, often thought of as ‘haunted’ by locals, to detain offenders.

“If there’s an empty and haunted house in the village, put people in there and lock them up,” Sukowati told AFP earlier this week.

“If they disobey self-isolation [orders], several villages have asked for my permission to quarantine them in an abandoned elementary school or abandoned houses.

“I gave my permission. If need be, they should be locked inside — in a haunted house if necessary. But we’d still feed them and monitor them.”

Well, at least they’ll feed and monitor them. So it’s not completely f**king insane.

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