Little Girl Picked ‘The Nun’ As Her Birthday Theme

Princesses, superheroes or animals is usually the theme for a kids birtnday party right?… you’d never expect a Horror theme, for a 3 year old… that’s a very bold choice.

Lucia’s third birthday party was definitely different as she picked 2018 supernatural horror film The Nun as her theme. Forget ‘Frozen’ aye.

Andrea, Lucia’s cousin, shared photos of the event on Twitter.

She wrote:

“So it was my cousins 3rd birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this.”

Lucia and her friend are in costume with ‘Lucia’ written in blood red frosting. We think it’s brilliant.

‘The Nun’ is a prequel to The Conjuring 2, and the fifth film of the Conjuring franchise.

Lucia apparently saw the movie at her grandmother’s house had to watch it to the end.

At the time of her birthday, she told her mom she wanted nothing but a Nun-themed party.

Getting more than 560,000 likes and several positive responses, Andrea’s tweet went viral.

People took to twitter to share their opinion of the themed party:

Another added:

“omg hahaha I love this!”

A twitter user @victorhvgo created an eerie gothic painting of Lucia’s party:

Some pointed out that The Nun is rated R and may not have been the best choice for a 3 year olds birthday party… but… we think it’s amazing and so does most of the internet!

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