Guy Creates Dating App Where He’s The Only Guy Allowed On It

Modern-day dating really is one hell of a battlefield. With the number of dating apps available nowadays, competition is higher than ever before, and you have to work particularly hard to stand out from the crowd.

Well, one guy decided that he wasn’t about this kind of hard graft, and therefore decided to create a dating app where he’s the only man on there.

Modern-day genius, I know.


Along with the help of a software engineer, Aaron Smith launched his very own dating app, where he is the (only) star of the show.

His app, which has been appropriately named Singularity, enables Aaron to be the only dating option for keen female users. And, of course, he likes to have a bit of fun with it all.


To up his chances of finding love, Aaron has created various different personas of himself, including Corey the beer-loving hipster, Jeremy the long-haired hippie, and just regular Aaron, the guy who hates Africa by Toto.

But whether Aaron has actually been successful with his endeavor, or whether any women actually signed up to the rather sparse dating site, remains unknown.


But people online are loving Aaron’s craftiness, with one social media user commenting, “Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions”, while another noted, “Improvise, adapt, overcome…”

Though some were quick to laugh at his desperate attempt at finding love, with someone pointing out, “That’s what the friendzone will do to you”, with a series of laughing emojis. Ouch.

Aaron, we love your dedication, and only hope that you will find love one day!

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