Girl Spends Nativity Giving Crowd The Middle Finger

We can all remember taking part in our school’s nativity play. Whether you were shaking with nerves from standing up in front of the entire school, or you were bossing the leading role of being Joseph… it’s a key childhood moment.

But not all children take their school nativity seriously, and one little girl from the U.K made this very apparent.

Carla Bovingdon, who is from Essex, is the mom to 5-year-old Ella, and last week Ella was an angel in her school nativity.

Cara Bovingdon – Facebook

Ella took to the stage confidently, but Cara soon realized that something wasn’t quite right.

Youngsters often try to capture their parents’ attention when they’re put in the spotlight, but rather than offering a subtle wave or a knowing smile, Cara was stunned to see her little girl throw her the middle finger.

Ella giving the middle finger – Facebook

Cara snapped the hilarious moment when Ella stuck up her finger, and there is a much more innocent explanation for her actions.

Ella had hurt her finger, and she was simply sticking it out in an attempt to show her mom.

“It was so funny because she didn’t realize what she was doing,” Cara said in an interview, “She likes to let me know if she’s at all injured, so she was basically trying to show me what she had done from across the room. It was the tiniest little hangnail as well.”

Ella comparing her fingers – Facebook

“I had to keep mouthing ‘put your finger down’ discreetly, but then I just accepted that she was going to be standing there with her finger up,” Cara said.

Thankfully, the rest of the audience saw the funny side to Ella’s gesture and the nativity in whole wasn’t ruined.

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