Football Team Accidentally Uses Sex Dolls To Fill Stadium

South Korean football team FC Seoul have been forced to apologise after ‘accidentally’ filling their stadium with sex dolls.

Good to see the news is still as batshit crazy as ever.

The K-League outfit are back in action after their season restarted behind closed doors, meaning no fans are allowed inside stadiums during games.

However, Seoul believed they’d found a way around this issue, by scattering mannequins around their home ground to give the illusion of fans cheering on the home team.

The only problem was, the mannequins were in fact sex dolls.


During their home game against Gwangju FC, several eagle eyed fans spotted that these ‘mannequins’ were proportioned rather unusually for a typical storefront dummy.

While the club have tried to downplay the incident as unintentional, how no one realised they had in fact purchased a load of sex dolls is a bit laughable given how they all look exactly like sex dolls.

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