DJ Khaled Forced To Stop Woman Twerking On His IG Live Stream

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t expect a rapper to have an issue with a woman twerking in his vicinity, but DJ Khaled had to step in to stop a young lady doing just that when she interrupted his recent instagram live stream.

During an IG live chat with his followers, Khaled invited people from the comments to join him for a one-on-one, sharing screen time with him.

Unsurprisingly, things got very risqué, very quickly, as one particularly confident participant started gyrating all over the show, which Khaled quickly had to shut down.

Khaled still snatched a few sneaky peeks as he pleaded with the young woman to shut the performance down, right before she could pour water over her bikini clad body.

Shouting “Please, nothing but love, but I have a family” the rapper was doing his best to try and keep things wholesome on the TL, even if a fair amount of shaking still managed to take place before the feed was cut short.

After he posted the video of the interaction to his feed, Khaled received a comment on the post from none other than supermodel royalty Naomi Campbell, who said, “Come on woman, where is your self respect smh”.

Better luck next time, DJK.

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