Clear Plastic Shorts For Men Slowly Becoming The Next Big Fashion Trend.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe this summer, but don’t want to blend into the crowd, then look no further than these transparent men’s swimming shorts.

Yep, transparent is the new black, apparently, meaning these plastic short shorts from MaverickSwim are an essential part of your summer wardrobe.

Transparent clothing has been taking the women’s fashion world by storm, with festival goers and Ibiza revellers donning transparent pretty-much-everything this summer.

Now, it’s time for the fellas to get involved, because why should you get to miss out on the most stand out trend of 2019?

People of the internet have just cottoned on to the Berlin Transparent Waterproof Beach Short, made by out-there fashion brand MaverickSwim.

Now, I’m sure there will be some people reading this screaming at their phone shouting ‘transparent shorts for men aren’t new!!!!’ and they’d be right, because transparent clothing is prolific in the fetish world. But, for the rest of us, the idea of seeing a fella strutting down the street in a pair of clear shorts while the sun shines down, is a pretty new and interesting concept.

For just $26.99 (£23), men can show off their, erm, underwear with pride, thanks to the transparent window of the Berlin shorts. If you want to go commando, then hey, who am I to judge, but I would recommend staying in the confines of your own home, unless you want to face a charge of indecent exposure.

The shorts are complete with a white elastic waistband with a snazzy neon green drawstring for maximum comfort.

According to MaverickSwim, the best place to wear the Berlin shorts is at the beach, but while summer is still upon us, I have to ask, why not take it that step further? Your mate’s BBQ, taking your dog for a walk in the park… for $26.99, you may as well get your money’s worth.

The MaverickSwim shorts are currently only available to buy on US sites, including Amazon, but if you’re elsewhere in the world and fancy getting involved in the soon-to-be hype, then there’s plenty of transparent men’s clothing up for grabs on eBay.

Or, if you’re feeling a tad stingy, why not just throw a load of clingfilm on and call it a bathing costume?

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