Christmas Fairy Lights For Your Beard Are An Actual Thing

Over the festive period, there’s simply no such thing as too many Christmas fairy lights. They’re decked all over the house, they cover the Christmas tree, they bring a bit of sparkle to your back yard… Heck, some people even wear them on their Christmas jumpers.

But the newest installment as to where you can hang your Christmas lights? Your beard.


Yes, you read that correctly. All you hipsters out there can now add a bit of festive sparkle to your pride and joy – your beards.

An online shopping outlet that specializes in unusual and quirky gifts, Firebox, is now selling beard fairy lights that flash and sparkle various colors all day long, meaning they’re definitely better than any novelty Christmas jumper your mom will insist on you wearing.


They are exactly the same as ordinary fairy lights – except they are much smaller, so they can nestle comfortably within your facial hair. The lights are also battery powered, with the power pack being small enough to hide and clip onto your facial hair… Though I’m not sure how many men I know who will be able to grow a beard thick or strong enough to conceal this…


You won’t have to hang the lights individually either, as the set of eighteen multi-colored nano LED lights are suspended on a ninety-centimeter cable that clips onto your beard painlessly. It’s a win-win all round, isn’t it?

However, Firebox has issued a warning about their festive product. The company has noted that you should give the festive decorations a miss if your beard is wet or if you’re outside and it is raining. Obviously.

You could even attach some baubles or mini disco balls like this cool guy has…


The reviews show that the lights have gone down a treat with their customers, however. And no reports of aflame beards!
One customer wrote, “Absolutely hysterical and was one of the main talking points during Christmas in our house. Lovely bright LEDs, good functions and apparently the clips were comfortable!”

And another customer said, “Brilliant product, bought for my hairy son. Lit up his night shift!”

And they don’t just stop at fairy lights when it comes to the festive season… They even stock Christmas Tree beard kits.

This product allows you to turn yourself into a dazzling Christmas tree, with the description reading, “Comb in a slick of green shimmer, clip on the lightweight baubles, and people will be hanging decorations off your face in no time. Gone are the days of gluing individual pine needles to your stubble!”

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