Chinese Students Wear Ingenious Social Distancing Hats In School

Around the world, everyone seems to be attempting to figure out the easiest and least oppressive ways to social distance. The most creative way, however, looks to have been achieved in China, where pupils at Yangzheng School in Hangzhou have been sporting homemade social distancing hats to keep them the right distance apart.

Many pupils in China are returning to recently reopened schools, with lockdown restrictions being eased as the rate of infections and deaths has decreased significantly in the country which was the epicentre for the Coronavirus, having originated in Wuhan.

On top of face masks, pupils are wearing ‘one-metre’ hats, to ensure they are kept the right distance apart.

First year pupils resumed lessons yesterday (Tuesday) and have been photographed wearing the incredible looking caps, which have lengths of material jutting out of the sides to keep pupils two-metres apart – the required social distancing measurement.

Vice-principal Hong Feng told local media: “This was our own creative idea.

“It helps us promote our slogan: ‘Wear a one-metre hat, keep a one-metre distance’.”

Students have crafted their own hats, with one pupil opting to use balloon animals instead of cardboard for their chosen design. Absolutely genius.

The children must also undergo regular temperature checks as well as wearing their impressive looking protective gear.

Nursery schools in China are set to reopen on 6th May.

Zhejiang, the province where the Hangzhou school is based, is the third most infected region of the country, recording 1,268 total cases and one death. The last recorded case was an imported asymptomatic patient on 20th April.

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