Brother And Sister Arrested After Fighting Over Who Got To Ride Shotgun

We’re all well aware of the stresses and arguments that the shotgun privilege can cause – Many of us have partaken in the odd scuffle with our siblings over who gets to ride shotgun. I mean, if you call shotgun, it is the rules…

But, no matter how much these altercations may have annoyed our parents, they were never quite bad enough to get the police involved… Well, not for most of us they weren’t, anyway.

A brother and sister from the town of Olyphant, in Pennsylvania, are facing charges of simple assault and resisting arrest after their argument over who called shotgun got a little out of hand.


Twenty-seven-year-old Bret Brezenski and his younger sister, twenty-year-old Brianna (Yes, these people are actual adults), got into a heated argument after Brianna decided she wanted to ride shotgun in his car.

However, Bret’s girlfriend was already sitting in the front passenger seat. So, of course, Brianna royally kicked off, resulting in a full-fledged brawl between the siblings.


The police were called, but the siblings hastily got into their car and attempted to flee.

The responding officer, Police Chief James Devoe, told WNEP, “Traffic was packed, they were driving like animals. Stuff you could have flipped a coin over, and now we have people who could have gotten killed.”

Once the siblings were caught, they quickly became violent towards Devoe.

And, when Devoe restrained Bret, Brianna had an evident change of heart and jumped to her brother’s defense and attacked Devoe also.

Luckily, backup arrived and they were both detained. Moral of the story? If someone calls shotgun, just stick to the rules. Or don’t brawl over it, it’s your choice.

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