Baskin-Robbins Shop Doubles Their Sales After Putting Up Carole Baskin Sign

It would appear that all the cool cats and kittens are heading to Baskin Robbins in Junction City, Kansas to get their ice cream fix during lockdown.

The shop recently displayed the message ‘No Relation To Carole Baskin’ on their outside sign and, according to the owner, have seen their sales double since their Tiger King related stunt.

Owner Peggy Heldstab told TMZ that the sign was her son’s idea, who had insisted it would work due to the overwhelming popularity of the Netflix documentary, in which Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin features prominently, as the sworn enemy of Joe Exotic.


And, sure enough, the sign has brought in a ton of new custom, with sales doubling on the Sunday it debuted. Passing cars honked their approval and people leant out of windows to voice their appreciation.


Peggy, however, appears to be the only person left on planet earth who has not seen Tiger King yet, merely taking her son’s word for it that the stunt would work. And her faith has seemingly paid off, not only at the cash register, but by becoming a viral sensation online, as well. Once the marquee was spotted and photographed, it was soon reaching every corner of the internet within minutes.

Now, if they could just start serving a ‘Fed My Husband To The Tigers’ flavour, we’d take a few scoops of that, no worries.

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