93-year-old Grandma Receives 150 Cans Of Coors Light After Plea Goes Viral

We’ve found our spirit animal, and it’s 93-year-old Olive Veronesi.

The grandma from Seminole, PA recently went viral after pictures emerged of her holding a sign up at her front window stating that she needed more beer, with an empty can of Coors Light clenched in her other hand.


Due to her advancing years, Olive is very much in the ‘high risk’ category when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, so has been quarantined in her home.

And, having run out of suds to chug, Olive sent out a plea to make her social distancing more tolerable.

Safe to say, it worked.

Over FOUR MILLION PEOPLE saw the image on Facebook and, lo and behold, Coors have complied with the 93-year-old’s plea and sent 150 cans to her doorstep.

Credit: KDKA

Now the sign reads ‘Got More Beer’ and we couldn’t be happier for our new favourite beer swilling grandma.

Here’s to 150 more, Olive. Cheers.

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