30 Hilarious Pranks For April Fools’ Day

Roots of April fools day are not known to this day, though there are some variations from where it stems. For example, it might be the April 1st on 1698 when many Londoners were tricked into coming to see “the Lions washed.” It also might be as early 1381, when Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales were published, in which a depiction of Chauntecleer tricked by a fox took place on April the 1st. It doesn’t really matter where this tradition comes from since it has gained worldwide popularity and gave us a chance to laugh with April fools pranks.

Notable April fools ideas probably come from newscasters and newspapers. BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) once tricked the whole nation into believing, that spaghetti grows on trees in Switzerland. Or the trick that Taco Bell played, assuring that they have bought the Liberty Bell, now to be known as Taco Liberty Bell. The best April fools pranks come in good spirits while causing no harm for the receiver (except being shamefully tricked, that is).

So if you are a fan of good April fools pranks, take a look at our compilation below. We don’t advocate destroying people’s property or hurting them (physically or mentally), but everything else is fair game! Happy pranking!

1. Insect Lamps
2. Balloon Prank Fake Out
3. Plant A Grass Garden In Your Coworker’s Keyboard
4. Create An Infinite Loop Of Shopping Carts Around Their Car
5. Attach An Airhorn To Their Seat
6. Mouse Prank
7. Delight Their Taste Buds With Caramel Onions
8. Become A Seat And Watch People’s Reactions
9. Hang Kim Jong Un On The Staff Picture Wall
10. Make Mentos Ice Bombs For Your Friends That Love Soda
11. Replace Air Freshener With Shrimp Scent
12. Prank At Walmart
13. Leave A Surprise For Whoever Redoes The Carpet
14. The Cage Copier
15. Paint Soap With Clear Nail Polish And Leave It In The Shower
16. Install An Airhorn As A Door Wall Protector
17. Bathroom Is Occupied
18. Cups Full Of Water
19. Offer Them Some Water In An Original Way
20. Mentos Prank
21. Chicken Soup Shower
22. Plant Your Own Lawn In The Office
23. Chewbacca Roar Contest
24. Turn Their Cubicle Into A Bathroom
25. Make Dinner For Your Friends
26. Leave This In Your Roommate’s Bathroom On April Fools’ Day With The Door Shut
27. Give Them An Office Technology Upgrade
28. Fake Poop
29. Mix Skittles, M&m’s And Reese’s Pieces
30. Infest Their Office With (fake) Rats

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