$1.2 Million Worth of Adult Toys Stolen From Truck Overnight

Here’s some news that I never thought I’d have to write…

$1.2 million worth of adult toys were stolen from a truck in the U.K in the early hours of the morning of September the 18th of this year.

The truck was heading to Rocks Off Ltd to deliver its X-rated load when it was broken into between the A14 highway and Broughton Village in Northamptonshire.

Adult Toys – Love Honey

Detectives believe that the thieves broke into the trailer between 1 am – 6.30 am when they swiped $1.2 million worth of raunchy goods.

Northamptonshire Police have launched an appeal to track down the stolen goods, that belong to the U.K’s “leading sex toy manufacturer and designer.”

The innuendos came flooding in – Pixabay

A Northamptonshire Police Facebook post about the theft has been widely shared, with one user suggesting the thieves were “already in handcuffs.”

Another added: “They’ll get a stiff sentence when they’re caught.”

The U.K’s leading sex toy manufacturers – Love Honey

Rocks Off Ltd boasts being the “number one European supplier for own brand and branded products.” It stocks sex toys, vibrators, love eggs/balls, and intimate massagers.

They add on their site: “Our worldwide number one best seller being the RO-80mm bullet – with over 6 million sold to date.”

“Our products are produced with body-safe materials, meet the highest level of conformity and unless otherwise stated, are tested 100% waterproof and are fully submersible.”

Adult toys are worth a lot of money – Love Honey

This news follows the viral story about the time that someone lost a full bag of adult toys in Somerset in the U.K last month.

For whatever reason – whether it was the weight of the contents, the flimsiness of the carrier, or weather conditions – the bag broke open, meaning the sex toys were strewn across the street.

The abandoned sex toys – Facebook

Whoever was carrying the bag did what any sane person would do in that embarrassing situation – they ran.

Many people commented on the image, with some tagging their pals and others pointing out that there’s a “lot of money worth there.”

Not quite $1.2 million, though…

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