You Can Now Buy A Waterproof Pillow That Lets You Sleep With Wet Hair

It’s something our mothers have told us whilst growing up.. DON’T GO TO SLEEP WITH WET HAIR! Apparently.. you can catch a cold or something.

This new creation, however, will put mothers around the world at ease as it’s a waterproof pillow for when you’ve washed your hair, have no energy to wait fo it to dry or dry it yourself.. and you can go straight to sleep.

Named ‘DryZzz’ it is “the pillowcase for wet heads” and will suck out all the moisture from your hair while you sleep. What a cool invention!?

It’s made up of absorbent microfibre that has a waterproof lining and you can pop it in the washing machine. Amazing!

Two American mothers were the brains behind this product and were inspired by their young daughters, who often went to bed immediately after showering – something they didn’t like the thought of.

Linda Schwitalla Villena and Susan Schwitalla Culmo who are based in Miami said that the pillowcase is a beauty miracle and is also perfect for those dealing with night sweats.

It doesn’t stop there, a percentage of profit from ‘DryZzz’ is donated to ‘Sofia’s Hope’, a fund for paediatric cancer research.

You can get your very own DryZzz at Bed, Bath & Beyond costing you $20.70 (£17.03), it has an amazing 4.8 star rating out of five by customers who can’t praise it enough.

One customer wrote:

“I bought this pillowcase for my teenage daughter, who always sleeps with wet hair. She loves it! We bought another pillowcase last fall to use in her dorm room when she went off to college.”

Another added:

“I bought this for 2 little 5 year olds that bathe before going to bed. It works for their long wet hair”

A third said:

“I love the towel side it keeps my pillow dry and is very comfortable. The other side gets softer with every washing…

“I saw a couple of reviews talk about the non-towel side is rough, but it does soften after washing.”

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