Woman With A Lip Obsession Says Kylie Jenner’s Lips Are ‘Too Small’

Tamara from Sweden absolutely loves large lips and thinks that Kylie Jenner’s lips to be ‘too small’.

The 22-year-old who is a fan of filler is yet to be impressed with the youngest billionaire’s lips.

Tamara has spent a huge €2,054 on achieving her dream set of lips.

Tamara Tulum ÐÊtight lipped to the end.

A whopping ten cosmetic procedures later she says ‘I feel like Bratz!’. Yes, we can kind of see it.

Tamara assures everyone that her surgeries aren’t painful, and many online fans love her look.

Tamara said:

“I liked them, and I got compliments about them too.”

One person praised:

‘Can’t get enough of those lips’

Another added:

‘This is lip perfection’.

Tamara said that the lips ‘don’t make kissing that much better, really, but it does feel nice’.

Tamara added:

“I have nothing to improve, nor have I ever had any problems with my natural lips.”

Tamara tags most of her selfies with #biglips, and thinks she may have a slight addiction to fillers…

She firmly believrs that there’s no such thing as going ‘too big’.

We know that Kylie Jenner is often credited with popularising the big lip trend, but Tamara isn’t convinced:

“I am inspired by myself. Not by Kylie, no – her lips are too small.”

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