Woman Terrified When Dozens Of Baby Spiders Hatch On Bedroom Ceiling

Spiders. You either love them or hate them. It’s just something about their huge legs… big body… i’ll stop.

This young lady got the fright of her life recently when at least 40 spiders crawled across her ceiling and took over her bedroom!

Rebecca Paul, 21, from Newtongrange, Midlothian, caught the ’40 baby spiders’ hatching on her ceiling. She then saw them move across her ceiling.

Rebecca said she was ‘ready to be homeless’ after the creepy invasion.

She used a vacuum cleaner to suck up the little eight-legged creatures.

You can hear her say in the video ‘That is actually the fear’.

Rebecca posted the video, stating:

“You’ve no had a worse Sunday than me.

Spider just gave birth on my ceiling. No being dramatic but that’s me officially ready to be homeless.”

Other Twitter users were equally horrified.

“That’s not a f*****g spider. That’s an 8 legged beast that you expect to see in a horror film. Fs.”

Another said:

“That’s not your room now. That’s their room. Literally leave that room and never return”

Another added:

‘omg I’d actually die’

Rebecca said there had not been a happy ending to the incident.

She added:

“I estimate around 40 baby spiders and two adult spiders were in the room. We removed them by vacuuming them up.

My mum vacuumed them up as I was too scared and I haven’t emptied the vacuum yet.”


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