Woman Suffered 13 Miscarriages, Finally Welcomes ‘Miracle’ Baby Girl

This woman went through a horrendous time. She suffered 13 tragic miscarriages and gave up hope ever having a baby with her husband.

That all changed recently, as the 35 year old and her husband miraculously celebrated their own personal ‘miracle’.

After pioneering fertility treatment, Laura Worsley and husband Dave have welcomed a healthy daughter into the world.

The couple have been through hell and previously had 11 miscarriages while also losing boys Graceson and Leo at just 17 and 20 weeks old. Heartbreaking.

The new mom has been diagnosed with two conditions which were seriously affecting her ability to have children and made it nearly impossible for her.

Thanks to medication and steroids, Laura and Dave successfully given birth to a 14th child.

Baby Ivy was just 1.7lbs when she was born via cesarean but has grown increasingly stronger.

Laura shared how she was feeling:

“I don’t know how I coped, to be honest. It was all I lived for – I lost years of my life. I just thought, if I can’t have a baby I don’t see a point in my life… I look at her and think ‘miracles do happen’.

I’d read about other people’s miracles, and now I’ve got mine. Through my story I want to give others the hope and strength to carry on even when things seem impossible.”

It was back in 2008 when the couples problems started. Doctors suggested for them to keep trying, but a fourth pregnancy ended in heartbreak.

Doctors discovered Laura was suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome , this condition increases risk of miss-carriages.

Laura also had a secondary diagnosis of Histiocytic Intervillositis. This makes the body fight against pregnancy rather than welcome it.

The extensive treatment Laura received meant the pregnancy was able to surpass 24 weeks.

At 30 weeks Laura’s waters broke. Baby Ivy was born via c-section.

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