Woman Secretly Films Secret Camera To Catch People Staring At Her Cleavage

If you’re a more … well-endowed lady, you’ll likely be used to the sensation that your face is playing second fiddle to your assets. It seems no matter how hard people try, they can’t resist trying to sneak a peek of what’s going on inside your bra. And let’s just say, trying to catch a glimpse is never subtle.

But one woman from New York decided enough was enough this week. 29-year-old Whitney Zelig had had enough of strangers ogling her around the city, and decided to take an innovative approach to combat it. Attaching a hidden camera to her top, Zelig walked Manhattan and filmed the “secret” glances many would steal at her chest-region – with hilarious results.

Credit: YouTube

The best part? Zelig decided to undertake this social experiment for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A hilarious prank with a good cause attached? What a dream come true for the internet.

Zelig attached the camera to her buttons on a somewhat low-cut top, then proceeded to stride the streets of Manhattan – with all the results documented. And by the end of the day, her point was proven. Every eye that strayed downwards was captured on film, then ringed in pink for the world to see.

Credit: YouTube

The results didn’t disappoint. It seemed as though no one could keep their eyes off of Kelig’s assets. No one was safe – men, women, kids, and even (in one hilarious instance) dogs wanted to catch a glimpse.

Credit: YouTube

But there was a surprisingly heartwarming message behind the video. Zelig was using her platform (and comedic idea) to spread some very important information. Since everyone else couldn’t resist inspecting Zelig’s breasts, it’s an important reminder to also properly inspect your own. “Ladies, don’t forget to check out your own breasts too. Early detection saves lives,” she explains.

In the USA, one in every eight women will develop breast cancer in their lives. The earlier it’s caught, the more successfully it can be treated. And hey, if the world is so interested in your chest, it makes sense that you should be, too.

And it’s not the first time Zelig has used her body for activism. Alongside brother Chris, the pair made a similar video back in 2014 encouraging men to get their prostates checked – which currently has a whopping fourteen million views. If this video has similar reach, it’s safe to say their mission to raise awareness will be accomplished.

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