Woman Left Horrified By ‘Angry Birds’ Eyebrow’s After Salon Disaster

Okay, we’ve all been in a situation where a salon trip hasn’t exactly gone to plan..

But never.. i repeat.. NEVER should this happen when you’re putting your eyebrows in the care of someone else.

I mean.. This poor woman came out of a salon looking like a ‘angry birds’ character. What a horrific experience!

Colline Rees booked her appointment at ‘Get Nailed’ in her home town of Llanelli, South Wales after the 37-year-old was left with botched brows right before a family holiday to Tenerife.

Colline explained:

“We had been really looking forward to it [our holiday] because we always just go on holiday in Wales”

“We were so excited to be able to fly somewhere new.”

Unfortunately, Colline’s usual eyebrow waxer was unavailable at this time, so a young trainee got to work on them.. but the result was horrifying.

The trainee explained to Colline that she was going to have to put some pencil in Colline’s eyebrows but when she sat up, it was revealed that most of her left eyebrow was missing. That’s a nightmare.

Colline added:

“I was mortified, absolutely horrified”

“I said to the girl: ‘Are you kidding me, is this a joke?’ I was in hysteria, crying ‘Is anyone going to fix this?'”

Another beautician rushed over and offered to step in and fix the mess by adding a bit of tint, but to Colline’s horror… her brows looked like two thick black slugs drawn on.

Colline burst into tears and stormed out of the salon. She FaceTimed her sister Paula, and both were absolutely horrified.

It didn’t stop there, because her eyebrows had been waxed, the fix-up job applied the die straight to her skin. It was beyond impossible to remove.

Colline took to facebook to ask ANYONE for her and a make-up artist friend came to the rescue.

The mother explained:

“I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry”

“All my close friends and family were saying I look like something out of the Angry Birds game.”

Colline isn’t the first to leave the ‘Get Nailed’ salon feeling ‘awful’, as one reviewer said:

“Would give it 0 stars if I had to. Awful. Had acrylics and I will never be going back again. Looked like they’d been on for 6 weeks.”

Another added:

“The worst pedicure I have ever had!!! I probably should have complained and refused to pay but I just wanted out of this awful place…will NEVER, ever visit this place again…on reflection, I doubt any of the girls were trained leave along have any qualifications!!!”

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