Woman Known As A ‘Blood Witch’ Reveals She ‘Got Rid Of Period Pain’ By Smearing Menstrual Blood On Her Face

It’s not a shocking revelation that women have experienced period pain, whether it’s horrific or mild, in some form or another. Not to forget the emotional black hole women fall into before and during that ‘time of month’.

Females will try to do anything to relieve symptoms from hot water bottles, herbal teas, medication, smearing the menstrual blood on our face. Wait… what? Oh.. Yeah, apparently that’s a ‘thing’.

Menstrual blood on the face? Doesn’t sound appealing at all but does the job for Yazmina Jade Adler.

Yazmina, 26, a former hairdresser appeared on an SBS show called Medicine or Myth? It was where she shared her monthly ritual to relieve her body from the pain of periods. I wouldn’t say this remedy wold be appealing to most…

After appearing on the programme a panel of medical experts aimed to discover if diverse health remedies can be successful treatments.

Yazmina said:

“By doing this, it has relieved the discomfort.”

She continued:

“I would normally connect with the blood, just by doing that it instantly does something to me, and then I would also…” then proceeded to paint her forehead moving down her nose.

One of the panellists, Dr Ginni Mansberg, said:

“I have to say when you came down and put that jar of menstrual blood there, I thought ‘icky’ and now I see everything that you’re doing and you’ve got so much peace coming off you.

“You’ve converted what was clearly a very distressing physical situation into something really profoundly beautiful.”

Yazmina became very emotional when explaining her feelings:

“I just want every woman to feel it, you know… I know what women go through, I know that pain, I know that shame. I feel for women that are struggling with this.”

The Gold Coast Australia feminine healer is on a quest to prove the menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of.

Yazmina said:

“There is too much taboo surrounding this natural cycle. By showing this publicly, I think it shows that it’s actually ok to feel connected to it.”

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