Woman Ended Up ‘Looking Like Mr Potato Head’ After Buying Clip-on Veneers Online For $49 (£40)

A Hollywood smile is something we’d all love to have. Bright pearly whites sound very nice.. BUT.. this story may stop you from falling into the trap of online shopping…never buy $49 (£40) veneers off the internet. It just doesn’t work.

Thanks to 18-year-old Ferne Rawson, who decided to go for it and get that Hollywood smile from thebrightsmiles.com… she didn’t exactly end up with a smile to die for.. she ended up more like Mr Potato Head. That’s a big difference.

Ferne, from n East Ayrshire, took it better than most and posted pictures on Twitter so we could laugh at her misfortune. The caption read:

“Ferne strikes again :blush: ordered clip in veneers cause all the pics looked good and got all excited and they just arrived and I look like MR POTATO HEAD.”

“Cannot breathe, actual best 40 quid I’ve ever spent.”

Ferne posted a picture of what she thought she was going to get as well as a review from a previous customer who rated the product five stars… if you can’t trust reviews who can you trust?

The teeth are a completely five-star reviewed product on the website, so it’s kind of hard not to realise what they’d actually look like in the flesh.

The tweet went viral of course and many joked she looks like Donkey from Shrek to Ross from Friends when he suffers from that hilarious teeth whitening fail.

One commented:

“Paint your face green and you have a perfect Mask cosplay”

Another added:

“£40 for methadone micks teeth fresh out his mouth.”

Ferne sent a complaint about the product saying:

“Are you having a laugh or what, I look like Mr Potato Head. I’m phoning the polis.”

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