Woman Eats Three Jars Of Mayo In Three Minutes, Setting Guinness World Record

Yes, you read that right.. a woman has eaten three whole jars of mayonnaise in three minutes and this has meant that she’s set a new world record..

Michelle Lesco, from Arizona, US, managed to eat 2,448 grams (86.35 oz) of the good stuff. I mean.. i’d prefer it in a sandwich.

Oh and there is video evidence where she shoves the thick sauce down by the spoonful, only rarely taking a breath.

How did she manage that? The thought alone makes me feel sick…

The maths teacher is only 5′ 4” and tiny yet she still managed to do it.

Michelle assures everyone that her size is in no way shape or form meant to prevent her from eating the mayo.

She told Guinness World Records:

“The biggest misconception about competitive eating is that all of us are like 500 pounds and 10 feet tall. Back in the day when they first started these contests, they would pull people from the audience, and they picked people that they thought could eat the most – so I think that’s where it came from.”

Michelle has two other eating records:

The fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta (26.69 seconds).

The fastest time to eat a hot dog with no hands (21.60 seconds).


Michelle thanks her fast metabolism for helping her down huge amounts of food and says it has plenty to do with lot’s of ‘practice’ too.

Michelle discovered her talent when two male mates said no to eating a burger with 12 patties, 12 slices of cheese, lettuce and tomato. Let’s just say, she showed them who’s boss.

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