Woman Died In Motorway Crash Due To Being ‘Very Tired’ From Working Extended Shift

Sorina Gheorghe, from Worcester, recently started a new job at a factory before she was involved in a horrific crash.

The 24 year old’s car collided 5.40am on the 3rd of April.

It was reported that the young lady was very nervous about driving on motorway’s and had become extremely exhausted from an extended shift at her factory job.

Sorina tried to overtake a van and a trailer but misjudged the manoeuvre. This lead to her braking sharply and turning left and right.

The young driver swerved into lanes two and three and collided head-on with a Land Rover Discovery.

Sorina recieved CPR at the scene but sadly went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at 6.04am.

Nobody in the Land Rover was injured.

Forensic investigator PC Mark Murphy who observed the dashcam footage of the crash explained that there was a ‘degree of panic’ about the way Sorina tried to re-position her car after attempting to overtake the other vehicles.

He added:

“The manner of driving is indicative of a novice, unconfident or nervous driver.

“It’s that combination of both left and right. With a novice driver the tendency is to keep on the brakes, when releasing the brakes is often more beneficial.”

He observed that she attempted three manoeuvres but ‘barely flashed’ on each occasion.

PC Murphy estimates that Sorina was travelling between 50 to 60mph when the collision happened and her car had suffered ‘extremely significant damage’. The steering wheel was left ‘buckled and deformed’.

Lulia Gainar, the 24 year olds mother who also lived with her who said in a statement that Sorina had been complaining of headaches and fatigue before the crash and this was probably because she worked an extended shift at the factory the day before.

She said:

“I think she had a lot on, and she was just doing too much.”

William Chin, a driver in lane three at the time of the crash, said:

“I could see the driver side of the car was completely crushed inwards and the driver was not moving.”

Assistant coroner Simon Charlton said Sorina was ‘very tired and suffering from hay fever’ at the time of her death.

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