Woman Creates An Eyelash Vending Machine And It Looks Amazing

You expect your usual crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks from vending machines.

Sometimes though.. someone, somewhere, turns the typical idea of a vending machine upside down and the new invention is brilliant.

This one lady recently answered womens prayers in newcastle.. because her amazing idea created the go to place to pick up a pair of gorgeous eyelashes on the go. Just like you’d grab a packet of crisps.

Entrepreneur Ashleigh Stevenson came up with the idea when her beauty bar business, The Lash Loft, got so busy one Christmas they couldn’t take on any more clients.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur wanted to stock vending machines full of lashes around her home town’s city centre enabling her to reach more ladies in need of last minute lashes.

Obviously.. the machines are gorgeous with their pretty pastel pink designs and they stock eighteen different sized lashes and shapes. Wow!

Ashleigh explained:

“It’s been amazing, everyone’s loving them.

“In America they have vending machines filled with cupcakes and all sorts – I was inspired and wanted to do something different.

“They would do so well in Liverpool and Manchester as big party cities like Newcastle, and I think they would be popular in London too.”

The lashes are £10.99 ($13) per set and you can also pay via contactless.. such an easy way to get your lashes ladies!

The machines are a hit and girls love to stop by to get their hands on some lashes whilst out and about.

Ladies have taken to twitter to rave about how amazing the vending machines are, tweeting:

“Ah of course they’ve gone and put the Lash Loft vending machine opposite work, bye bye wages”

Another added:

“Is there anything more Geordie than an Eyelash vending machine?”

A third said:

“This is the best thing ive ever seen: an eyelash vending machine.”

Soon, there will be eyelash vending machines world wide!

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