Woman Claims Her Conditioner Was Spiked With Hair Removal Cream, Forcing Her To Shave Head

Washing your hair is great when you have all the time in the world to relax whilst doing it. You can give yourself a nice head massage and just feel pampered.

This wasn’t a nice hair washing experience for this woman who claims that her conditioner was tampered with hair removal cream, forcing her to have her head shaved as it lead her locks falling out in large clumps. Ouch.

Ashley Robinson, 21, from New Richmond, Wisconsin went about her usual shop and picked up a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume last month at her local Walmart. It wasn’t until a few days later when she used the conditioner and couldn’t believe what it had done to her.

Friends who have since set up a GoFundMe page explained:

“She let the conditioner set for about 10 minutes while she went about other steps of showering before rinsing it out”

Ashley after stepping out of the shower realized her hair had a foul odour so began washing it again. To her horror, she was left pulling her hair out in massive clumps.

Her friends added:

“It is believed that the conditioner was tampered with and someone put some sort of chemical depilatory cream inside of it, such as Nair or Veet”

“It should be noted that Ashley lives alone and there is no way someone could have tampered with the product when it was in her home.”

Ashely headed to the emergency room, with a scalp that was red and irritated. She also made a trip to a salon to hope that some extensions might help her save what was left of her hair.

The stylist explained that extensions would put way too mich tension on her hair so she was left with just one solution… she had to shave it all off.

Friends added:

“Hair is such a part of our personal identity and having to lose all of it without expectation or choice is an incredibly traumatic experience”

Ashley explained on her facebook that she has been suffering anxiety attacks since she started losing her hair and the thought of going out in public is a scary thought.

Ashley revealed:

“Anxiety attacks more than ever this evening. I’m scared, I don’t wanna go out in public”

“Tomorrow I go back to work and I’m very anxious, my emotions have never been so high. I love my job and people but I’m scared.”

Ashley’s GoFundMe has raised $1,515 (£1,250) and so many people have sent her supportive messages.

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