Woman Accidentally Orders Sex Toy Using Her Mum’s Ebay Account

Online shopping can be problematic at the best of times, so imagine the emotions that were experienced by Jessica Smith when she realised the sex toy she’d just purchased had actually been bought using her mum’s Ebay account.

The 22-year-old found a bargain on a purple Rampant Rabbit vibrator and just had to have it. Given that the UK is entering a further three weeks of lockdown, you can hardly blame her for wanting to pass the time in such a manner.

However, when Jessica completed the purchase, she received a rather surprised message from her mother.

“What’s this??? Are you lonely? Perhaps you need your own ebay” the chain of messages from mum, Jackie, read, as a mortified Jessica could only wait for the ground to open up beneath her as the realisation of her mum knowing she’d just ordered a massive vibrator dawned on her.

Jessica’s response was pretty straightforward, “Oh my God…I want to die”.

Once the shock of the situation had begun to wore off, Jessica saw the funny side and shared the news on social media, almost immediately going viral, with over 70,000 people liking the tweet so far.

Let’s just hope Jessica ordered it to the right address and it’s not going to her mum after all this.

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