TWO ‘Vampire Facial’ Spa Goers Contract HIV!

Two people have contracted HIV from ‘vampire facials’ at an Albuquerque spa. The New Mexico Department of Health is urging all clients who got injection services at the facility to get tested.

The VIP Spa was inspected and closed down last year, revealing the staff was using its needles improperly.

Since its September 2018, over 100 clients have been tested and two have been diagnosed with HIV, suggesting they may have been infected at the spa.

It’s been reported that the spa’s license expired in 2013.

Health officials are offering free HIV testing at two locations for anyone who visited the unsanitary spa.

HIV is often sexually transmitted, but it can also be contracted through needle sharing.

The two unlucky spa visitors in Albuquerque didn’t know the needles poked into their faces by technicians at VIP Spa were unclean.

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) officials discovered during an inspection that VIP’s practices had the potential to expose clients to ‘bloodborne illnesses.’

It was announced at the time that one client had developed some an infection, which they might have contracted from a vampire facial at the spa.

Health officials advised anyone who had visited – especially those who had had an ‘injection related service, including a vampire facial’ – to get tested, specifically, for hepatitis B and C and HIV.

The cosmetic procedures are in vogue and on the rise in the US because of celebraities like Kim Kardashian West, who openly shared pictures and told everyone about her experience with the procedure.

Vampire facials are carried out by extracting blood from a person’s body, supercharging the growth factor and cell renewal portion of it in a centrifuge, the injecting the blood back into the face where it should encourage cell turnover.

The procedure itself is safe, but unsanitary practices are not.

Seven months after the first VIP Spa client tested positive for HIV, another out of 100 tested in total has been diagnosed with the infection, too.

Both clients contracted the same strain.

After the discovery of the second infected client of VIP, the NMDOH is reiterating its warning that all of the spa’s clients need to be tested before they unwittingly spread the virus.

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