TOP Secrets Men Never Revel Tell Their Partner!

We think we know everything about men..

Their love of love football, they don’t like doing the washing, they look amazing with beards.. and they can fix just about anything!

Here are the top secrets men never reveal:

1. They love to do nothing some times…

We imagine men always wanting to make the decisions and control situations (in the best way) but they don’t always want to be at the head of things. Sometimes peace and quiet is all they want.

2. Men do not notice trifles.

Men rarely pay attention to little details. Women usually concentrate on trifles too much, which takes away all the joy from a situation…

3. They love to think of nonsense…

We think they spend every moment thinking about how to pay the mortgage or providing for their family but it turns out they quite they generally think about silly things.

4. They have feelings and get scared too…

​​​​​​Men feel pressured to always keep a straight face in any circumstances… but in reality.. they do worry about things and usually don’t say anything to show they’re ‘strong’.

5. They DO look at attractive women.

A man can’t help but stare… especially at an attractive female. It’s in their nature, and it can’t be avoided.

6. They love to have support.

Emotional support in women is just as important in men too. You never know what someone is truly going through and helping by being supportive is so appreciated.

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