This Woman Has Created A Whole Instagram Page Dedicated To Outfits Her Boyfriend HATES!

Not many women admit to dressing for their boyfriend. Why would you want too? It’s your body, your clothes.. your choices!

Some men think they can have an opinion on what a woman wears because they have some kind of right too..

One woman who completely relates to this is Olivia Jackson. Her boyfriend hates her fashion sense so much she created an Instagram account to show everyone what he’s complaining about.

The 24 year old from London started her Instagram page @clothesmyboyfriendhates to showcase her high street purchases and all the horrible comments her boyfriend makes about them.

Her instagram has been a huge hit, especially with women, who love to see what her boyfriends moaning about next. Most are very supportive of her fashion choices.

Olivia’s boyfriend compares her clothes to tea towels, farmer’s outfits..hospital gowns.. the list goes on.

Olivia one time pointed out a multi-coloured Primark dress which her boyfriend called her ‘technicolour dreamcoat’.

This has happened before as magazine editor Jo Elvin has always hared the clothes her husband hates for years with the hashtag #clothesmyhusbandhates.

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