This Woman Dyed Her Wedding Dress Green So She Could Wear It Every Day

A bride couldn’t bare to leave her wedding dress just sitting there in the wardrobe so she decided to DYE her $2480 (£2,000) green so she could use it whenever she wanted.

36 year old Emma Male, from Weybridge, Surrey, married video producer, Chris, 36, in a gorgeous woodland-themed wedding back in 2016.

The wedding was casual and she didn’t want to worry too much about keeping her dress immaculate.

She explained:

“Our wedding was really casual, we were drinking as we walked down the aisle, guests drank as they watched the blessing and we had friends of ours doing the music”

“But I was walking through the woods in flip flops, so the dress got ripped and muddy.”

As the wedding day went on, her dress became muddied and ripped so even putting it back in her wardrobe didn’t seem like the best option.

Emma, who is a musician and loves festivals, decided to alter her dress by cutting off the hem and dying it khaki.

Even though she was a little nervous at first, she absolutely love how it turned out and wears it frequently.

Emma said:

“When I first saw it going into the green dye, it looked so dark. I thought ‘Oh my god. What am I doing?'”

No one even realises it was her wedding dress!

She added:

“But I absolutely love it. It gets so much attention but nobody recognises it from when we got married. My husband does, but that’s only because I go on about it all the time”.

She had her cousin Katie help her transform the dress and it took one week for the pair to complete the process.

They chopped off the hem and soaked the white lace frock in green dye so it has that chilled, festival feel.

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