This Six-Year-Old Girl’s Letter To A Toy Company Instigated The Creation Of ‘Plastic Army Women’

This incredible six-year-old girl from Little Rock, Arkansas has done an amazing job and prompted a toy company to create a new line of toys when she wrote to them complaining that none of their army figurines were women… and rightly so!

Vivian Lord was sat playing with her brother’s toys one day when she realised that none of the plastic army characters were female.

The young girl believing this was wrong, wrote a letter to several toy manufacturers including BMC Toys in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The letter caught the attention of OWNER of BMC Toys, Jeff Imel, who revealed it was the first time he had received a letter like that from a child.

He admitted to being asked before to create female toy soldiers, Vivian’s letter was in fact the reason for the toys’ development.

He said that she put the idea to the top of his list of priorities.

Stating that “I’m going to do it.”

Jeff even shared some of the concept drawings with the young girl but she was still confused as to why it was taking so long.

Vivian said:

“They were doing sketches, but they were busy making boy army men”

Jeff later explained that because of the small scale of his company, every decision he made had to be thoroughly thought through.

It wasn’t long before Jeff commissioned the first prototype. The female figurines will be available to buy from Christmas 2020 and they will come in four different military poses.. SUCCESS!

One will include a female captain holding a handgun and binoculars and a kneeling female soldier holding a bazooka.

Vivian promised in her letter that “she would play with them everyday” and was said to be over the moon when she heard the news of their development.

Jeff is so happy he could help with Vivian’s dreams and how amazing it is that she had made “girls be the hero of their story.”

Amazing work Vivian!

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