This Is Mia, The 6 Year Old Instagram Star With Long Luscious Locks

Yes, now at the young age of 6 you can become an instagram influencer…

This is Mia Aflalo, the 6 year old instagram star from Tel Aviv, Israel. She has a huge 112 thousand followers on the social media site and has already made her debut in British Vogue.

You can see why can’t you? Her gorgeous, long, beautiful hair is an eye catcher and people can’t get enough of her!

Miain princess gowns and fancy jewelry, as you do.

Don’t be fooled by her fancy style as she is the opposite from being a ‘diva’ as her stylist, Sagi Dahari, praises “Princess Mia” stating that she never complains or argues. Mia would rather “wait patiently and smile at everyone.” Adorable.

It’s no surprise that the 6-year-old gets a lot of compliments for her luscious hair but some people aren’t a huge fan of her ‘instagram famous’ status.

They have criticised the mother for pushing her daughter into the spotlight and think it’s wrong of her to do so.

Is it okay for a six-year-old be exposed to extensions and beauty products? Dress up is certainly part of growing up, but is this too far?

One commented:

“You should stop exposing her to the world and start protecting her.”

Another added:

“Exploiting her at such a young age is wrong. Let her be a kid, play around and get dirty not used as your personal doll.”

Another said:

“I’m just wondering if you’re using a hot iron and spray in her hair. Won’t it ruin her hair growth and possibly give her hair loss issues when she’s older?”

With the bad comes the good and one supporter wrote:

“I hardly think this child cares how she looks for random strangers on the internet. She most likely feels beautiful and confident, as she is!”

Some were understandably jealous…

“I hate myself a little more now that i’ve seen a 5 year old with more hair on her head than all the hair i have on my body.”

And if her insta-fame wasn’t enough, Mia was recently dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world.’

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