This INCREDIBLE Giant Pink Airbnb Mansion Is The Ultimate Getaway

You’re not gonna believe this amazing find on AirBnb. If you love all things Barbie, pink, fluffy, girly… THIS is the holiday dream you have been waiting for!

Described as ‘The Pink Castle’, this gorgeous mansion based in Hudson, Wisconsin is certified fit for “royalty” as stated on the listing.

This Victorian mansion was built in 1883 and is made up of 4,400 square foot.

It holds four bedrooms, a whopping seven.. yes seven bathrooms, oh and it doesn’t stop their, it also has a pool, jacuzzi, gym, bar and a huge dining area.

Obviously the rooms all have their very own theme.

Three of the bedrooms are sophisticatedly named the ‘Pink Princess’ bedroom, the ‘Black’ bedroom and the ‘Queen’ bedroom. THEY LOOK AMAZING! Fit for a queen I’d say.

This theme beats them all.. the living room is a magical mermaid-themed room filled with giant sea shells and restored and revamped victorian furniture.

Wait for it… you also get a ‘Victoria Secret Room’ for entertaining and guess what… IT HAS A THRONE! Wow!

The dining room is amazing as you’ll find an enormous dining table surrounded by mini thrown chairs.

The ad states:

“You will feel like you are eating dinner in a fairy tale”

If that wasn’t enough, outside is made up of a heated pool, a diving board included of course. You also get a massaging hot tub and a lovely bar. Sounds like heaven..

Are you going to book a night or two at this amazing place? Go on… feel like the queen you are!

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