This Giant Knitted Scarf Is All You Need For Winter

When the winter months creep in and the temperature drops.. snuggling up in a warm jumper or blanket is the ONE THING that sounds like heaven.

For people who have no option but to brave the cold weather, well this fashion item is probably going to be your go to!


It kind of looks like a giant sock for your body but it definitely looks warm… maybe not the best if it rains or snows.. but you know, it would be good for that cloudy, cold weather we absolutely hate.

Dukyana created this gigantic scarf that measures over eight foot in length. The Bulgarian designers have crafted this creation from soft mohair.

The only thing is, it’s going to cost you a whopping $250 (£200), but maybe it’s worth it? When it comes to keeping warm, we will pretty much do anything to make sure of that.

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