This Amazing Woman Has Invented The Best Jumpsuit That Lets You Go To The Loo Without Taking Everything Off

Ladies, the dreaded jumpsuit is a great stylish piece but it’s also a nightmare on a night out. It’s a lot of faffing around.

Your jumpsuit prayers have been answered as Londoner Hetty Lawrence has only gone and designed a rest room-friendly jumpsuit.

Hetty, 29, works in marketing and owns a brand called Léim (which means ‘Jump’ in Irish Gaelic). She came up with the idea of the jumpsuit after a stranger accidentally saw her semi-nude over the top of a toilet cubicle at an event.

Hetty, a little embarrassed, decided to turn the awkward situation into a brand new way to wear jumpsuit. It has an unbuttonable and rezippable buttocks section.

Dubbed as the “game-changing” design the jumpsuit comes in two styles, the ’Sisterhood’ and ‘Bringing Sexy Back’.

The ‘Sisterhood’ comes in denim, velvet and linen with cross-straps that allow you to wear it two ways.

The ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ jumpsuit is a long-sleeved option and you can get it in chic rose lyocell and navy lyocell.

Hetty designed the jumpsuit with a woman called Paula and creates the clothing in a Sheffield Factory.

Hetty explained:

 “I could have used a factory in Europe, but I don’t want to be shipping them to the UK, only to send them all over the world again.

“I can visit the factory – jump on the train in a day and go see them. That was really important to me. Some of the factories I saw were genuinely terrible. I was worried for the staff in those environments.”

These aren’t cheap though! They’ll set you back £219 ($265) and £245 ($297).

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