This Amazing Website Is The ‘Go Compare’ Of Beauty And Will Save You So Much Money

Makeup is an investment! Some brands cost more than others and before you know it you’re spending hundred’s on your favourite products.

Well.. lucky for you, this website will take all the stress and hassle out of shopping around for the best deals in the beauty world and will save you a ton of money.

Check out Cosmetify… its a newly-relaunched website providing beauty lovers with price comparisons so you can quickly find the best deal.

The website features 180,000 products from over 1,500 beauty brands so it’s almost certain that you will find what you’re looking for!

All the website does is do all that hard work for you.. genius right?

The brands include NARS, Charlotte Tilbury and The Ordinary, to name just a few.

Oh.. and there is a whole section dedicated to tutorials, reviews and expert advice on how to apply your makeup or beauty product. WOW!

Founder, Matt Davies, says the purpose of Cosmetify is to “offer transparent and impartial information, from delivery costs and availability to what ingredients are used to make products.”

The website has partnered with 30 top retailers. Information on products is constantly being updated so you’ll know your favorite lip stick will be in stock..

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