These Rainbow Wedding Veils Are Perfect For Alternative Brides

Not everyone follows traditions and that’s perfectly fine. Wear what you want to wear and be what you want to be.

Weddings.. you usually see the bride in all white wearing a gorgeous white vail to finish the look. This veil is definitely a different look however.

Crown and Glory, is the brand that caters to alternative brides and compteley change what ‘traditional’ really is.

This is the Over The Rainbow Veil for brides that love a splash of colour. It’s beautiful.

This veil in particular is part of the brand’s collaboration with alternative wedding magazine Rock n Roll Bride.

You can get this beautiful piece in a double-layer fingertip or single layer chapel and cathedral length.

It will cost between £150 and £200 depending on the length you go for.

Founder of Crown and Glory, Sophie King, explained that the viels were created “for fun, colourful handmade accessories.”

Sophie says “no wedding is the same and we believe no bride should feel like she’s a carbon copy either.”

Sophie says the kaleidoscopic veils are perfect for “babes with punk rock in their hearts who leave a trail of glitter and magic as they stomp down the aisle.

She added:

“They are for girls who match their hair to their favourite lipstick and their knickers to their shoes. They’re for brides who want to rock their own breed of weirdness on their wedding day.”

Apparently, the most popular pieces are Crown and Glory’s dip dyed ombre veils.

Sophie says “our customers love that they can add a splash of colour to their wedding day outfit.”

You can also get a Disco Dreams Metallic Dot Polka Veil, a white tulle veil covered in colourful metallic polka dots.

This one will cost between £125 to £200 depending on length.

Another design is the Cloud Nine Ostrich Feather Veil, made using “flare-free hexagonal ivory bridal tulle with sustainably sourced ostrich feather trim”.

This gorgeous piece is made in ivory, dip dyed or fully dyed in a choice of 35 colours.

People are huge fans of the brand, commenting:

“Absolutely incredible! I so wish these had been around when I got married 10 years ago! You are a genius!”

“Wow. So unique! Love this,” another wrote.

“This is so extra!!! Would love this for a shoot!,” said another.

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