Tattooed Instagram Model Reveals What She Looked Like Before Insane Transformation

Amber Luke, an instagram model who spent over £20,000 transforming herself with countless tattoos, has shared a throwback picture displaying just how different she looked pre-ink, and the results are, predictably, pretty mind blowing.

Amber, from New South Wales in Australia, rose to prominence on instagram, quickly amassing over 80,000 followers due to her striking, heavily inked appearance, featuring tattoos that cover almost her entire body and face.


And, during a recent instagram story session, the model asked her followers if they fancied indulging in a Q&A.

One follower promptly asked for a ‘before’ picture and Amber duly delivered.

A fresh faced, blonde hair and ballgown look isn’t exactly what we were expecting, from the model who recently spent a month being blind after having her eyeballs tattooed, but here we are.

Amber had previously shared a throwback picture on instagram just over a year ago, showing a slightly different younger self to the above picture, with her blonde locks and ballgown traded for dark red hair and a vibe more akin to My Chemical Romance fandom.


During an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Amber said her look mainly generates a mixed responses from strangers. 

“I gained a lot of support and positive vibes from complete strangers – there was always the few nasty opinionated ones who try to make you feel inadequate, but I never let them get to me.”

And as far as online trolls go: “If you’re reading this and you have nothing nice to say? Don’t say it at all. You never know what a person’s going through in their personal lives, be kind.


“I’m not harming anyone in the process, I’m doing what I want to do and if it makes me get up in the morning and be a happy person, then so be it.”

You can’t say fairer than that, can you? The only question is, what is next to be inked for Amber?

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