Stretch Marks Be Gone! Miracle Coffee Scrub WOWS In Dramatic ‘Before And After’ Pics

Suffer from stretch marks? This miracle $16 (£12.95) coffee scrub has beauty fans going crazy over it’s “magic” effect on stretch marks and it’s incredible results are shockingly GOOD!

Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub doesn’t stop there… it helps with scarring and acne with the help of robusta coffee grinds, which gently exfoliate the skin while promoting blood flow and collagen production. It’s the perfect mix to tackle unwanted marks and scars.

It’s completely natural and vegan made up of cold pressed sweet almond oil to hydrate your skin, vitamin E to protect it from free radicals, and sea salt to boost exfoliation and combat breakouts. How good does that sound!?

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The scrub launched back in 2013, and is also suitable for sensitive skin. It’s so amazing it’s scored a whopping 4.9 out of 5 on their website.

The photos prove just how amazing this product is.

The company regularly share before and after pictures of their fans using the scrub.

One happy customer said:

“I love this scrub! My skin has never looked so radiant or felt as smooth and soft as it does after using this.”

Another added:

“Seriously amazing stuff! Helps clear up all the little red spots, cellulite and stretch marks…. I can’t live without this ever again!”

A third shared:

“Having dry and sensitive skin I always have to be careful with scrubs but this stuff is amazing!”

The Australian brand has brought out three other coffee scrubs alongside the original since 2013. They are infused with peppermint, cocoa and coconut alongside. Yummy!

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