Starbucks Barista Writes ‘Hippo’ On Woman’s Coffee Cup

Getting a coffee is supposed to be a lovely experience. It’s your morning fix, the key too a good mood.. so what if you went to Starbucks and they decided to ‘name’ your cup for you..

Well this Starbucks customer was left mortified when she looked at her cup and saw the barista had written the word ‘hippo’ on it instead of her name. How mean?!

Nadia Khan was with her mother when she ordered a cookies and cream frappuccino.. the incident happened in a branch in Feltham, London.

Shocked and hurt at the realisation ‘hippo’ had been written on her cup… she didn’t think too much of it at first.

Nadia explained:

“When I got my drink, I noticed ‘Hippo’ but I dismissed it as really bad writing.”

When explaining what had happened to her mother.. Nadia began to realise just how shocking it was of an employee to do this to her.

Andria, Nadia’s mother, went ‘absolutely ballistic’ and confronted the employee about what they had done.

Nadia said:

“Mum told him he should treat customers with respect, no matter how skinny, fat or whatever.”

Too right!

Since the incident, the chain has issued a statement apologising to Nadia,

They said:

“We have a longstanding tradition of connecting with our customers by writing their names on our cups.

“This incident is not indicative of the welcoming environment we aim to provide in our stores, and have apologised to the customer directly.

“We are working closely with the store team to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

It was just last year that the chain got into hot water when one of their baristas wrote a racial slur on the coffee cup of a Latino customer…i mean… why do it?

The worker wrote the word ‘beaner’ on the side of a cup of coffee ordered by a man called Pedro.

‘Beaner’ is a derogatory term for Mexicans in the United States.

Priscilla Hernandez, a co-worker at the restaurant Pedro works at, said: “I asked him if he realised what they had put on his cup. He said no. So, I was really upset about it, because that isn’t OK.

“Out of all the names they could’ve put on his coffees for ‘misunderstanding’ him they decide to put ‘beaner’.”

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